• Oxfam is delighted to host the very first Executive Committee (EC) meeting
    Oxfam is delighted to host the very first Executive Committee (EC) meeting

HBRC runs R&D for others keeping in mind the overall humanity. HBRC Welcomes Corporates to invest CSR Funds in R&D of the Centre – Please contact Executive Director.

About HBRC

Centre for Housing & Building Research (HBRC) – a research and development hub in the private sector is to complement both public and private initiative and entrepreneurship.

Our Vission

HBRC to work for updated knowledge base for providing solutions to ensure ‘Housing for All’ and to work as the world-class knowledge base to all most all areas of Housing and Building

Our Mission

To conduct Research & Development on all aspects of housing and building and to assist building professionals in solving problems of planning, designing, foundations, materials and construction…


  1. To act as a facilitator for ensuring ‘Housing for All’
  2. To run research for disaster resilient habitation
  3. To run research for agriculture and…

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Bricks are rectangular blocks of baked topsoil from agricultural land and are used mainly for building walls and roads. They
Bangladesh is severe land scarce country having per capita cultivable land is only 12 decimals. After that Bangladesh is losing
https://youtu.be/AI3xnbAzhPI The provisions of the building code must be strictly enforced throughout the whole country. Ensuring that structures remain safe
নির্মাণসামগ্রী হিসেবে স্টিলের বিবিধ ব্যবহার আছে। ভবন কিংবা সেতু নির্মাণের ক্ষেত্রে আমরা যে স্টিল ব্যবহার করব এই স্টিলটা অবশ্যই উন্নতমানের
Mohammad Abu Sadeque PEng Abstract: Climate change is the consequence of development especially the infra-structure. Engineers are at the forefront
Mohammad Abu Sadeque PEng Policy Intervention can make our megacity EQ-Risk free Dhaka megacity contains more than 10 million populations.
Md. Abu Sadeque PEng Undoubtedly Bangladesh is one of the most earthquake prone countries in the world. Cities like Dhaka,
Mohammad Abu Sadeque PEng Director Disaster Management Bureau   Abstract: Bangladesh is one of the earthquake prone countries. Major cities
SAFE HOSPITAL Mohammad Abu Sadeque, PEng. Deputy Secretary, GoB Introduction: It is the demand of time to receiving sophisti­cated and
Precast prefabricated ferrocement housing technology is the most suitable and affordable for Bangladesh rural areas. Ferrocement House
সুবর্ণচর উপজেলার পটভূমি ১৯৫৯ সালের এক রৌদ্রজ্জল প্রভাতের কথা। এলাকার জনগণ হঠাৎ আবিস্কার করে, নদীর বুকে একখন্ড ভূমি। শুরু হয়
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